Mediation is a way to resolve legal disputes outside of the courtroom. It is less formal and takes less time, making it easier to deal with the various disputes that are bound to arise in personal life and business.

The mediation process provides an opportunity for resolving a dispute in as little as an afternoon. This means a dispute can move forward within a matter of hours, rather than languishing in the court system for months or even years.

Mediation provides a number of benefits and makes finding a resolution easier on everyone.

Mediation typically costs less than litigation and takes less time. Mediation is carried out in a less formal setting that is private. This makes it possible for both sides to openly and honestly discuss an issue, and creates a less combative space in which to resolve problems. The process also puts those most affected by the outcome in complete control of the resolution. It is not binding unless both parties agree, which means everyone maintains control of what’s going to happen. For this reason, people are often more willing to be open-minded and negotiate.

Mediation is also more flexible than litigation and makes it possible to create a resolution that is tailor-made to the situation. In litigation, a judge’s ruling depends a great deal on the law applicable the facts of the case, and there are only so many ways to customize resolutions. But in mediation, both parties can explore all possible outcomes and tailor one that is ideal for them. It is for this reason that both parties are able to walk away from the dispute completely satisfied with the outcome and truly able to move forward into the next phase of their relationship – whatever that might be.

If you are involved in a legal dispute, and you believe mediation could offer a better path to resolution, Charles Schoemaker can help.

Charles has more than 40 years of litigation experience, which means he understands the legal system and knows the courtroom is not always the best place to resolve a dispute. He has worked in a variety of areas of major injury and complex litigation and helped clients resolve conflicts in business and contract disputes, government tort liability, and personal injury litigation.

Having represented both sides as an attorney makes it possible for Charles to bring a balanced approach to the negotiation process. His background and experience enable him to evaluate the circumstances and design an outcome that is suitable to everyone.

Charles’ track record has made an impression on clients over the years. He has been described as firm but gentle and calm, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He uses an ADR style based on the belief that the purpose of mediation is to assist the parties involved in finding a resolution of their respective needs. And his background and experience enable him to be either facilitative or evaluative, based on what the specific circumstances require. For more information or to speak to Charles about scheduling a consultation to discuss the benefits of mediation, contact him at 760-413-0860.