What are the five stages of mediation?

The five stages of mediation include:

  • Convening mediation – Convening mediation involves getting the parties to agree to mediation to resolve their dispute. They sign an agreement that outlines the mediation process and services the mediator will provide. They then schedule a mediation session.
  • Opening – During the opening session, the mediator explains the process of mediation and lays down the ground rules. The parties give an opening statement about their perspective of the case.
  • Communication – During this stage of mediation, the parties explain their position and share information with the mediator. The parties may exchange information privately or in front of each other.
  • Negotiation – The mediator may take offers and counter offers back to the parties until they reach an agreement.
  • Closing – The mediator drafts a contract that memorializes the agreement of the parties.

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