Business and Contract Disputes

Business and Contract Disputes

If you find yourself in the middle of a business or contract dispute, you might be wondering what can be done to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Litigation is an option, but it is rarely the best one that businesses have when confronted with legal issues. In most cases, a form of alternative dispute resolution is going to serve everyone better and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Contracts are needed in business, but they do not always work as intended. They might be misinterpreted or violated by one side or the other. Contract language tends to be complex and, in many cases, a party that believes they are taking a simple issue into the courtroom learns their position is not as strong as they believed it to be. This can affect their business long-term and have an impact on how they do business. It damages mutually beneficial relationships and leads to nobody really winning in the end.

Though the positions in a business or contract dispute might seem different – and probably are quite so – the two sides nearly always share a common goal: to resolve the matter as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Nobody benefits from a long, drawn-out court battle that costs a lot of money and other resources, and could potentially damage the reputations and public perception of those involved. It is in everyone’s best interest to resolve the matter as quickly and as privately as possible.

In addition to settling the issue and moving forward, it can help to resolve it in non-combative manner that does not create winners and losers. This protects mutually beneficial relationships and enables business associates to continue working together without any animosity. Resolving a dispute outside of the courtroom allows parties to build a foundation of mutual respect and trust, which makes it easier to continue their relationship once the issue at hand is resolved.

If you are involved in a business or contract dispute, Charles Schoemaker can help.

Charles has more than 40 years of litigation experience. He understands the legal system and knows the courtroom is rarely the ideal place to resolve a dispute. He has worked in a variety of areas which includes experience with business and contract disputes, government tort liability, and personal injury litigation. His firm belief in the negotiation process allows him to help parties find a resolution that accommodates their respective needs.

Charles’ has worked with individuals, small businesses, and public entities in tort and commercial litigation and other matters. He uses an ADR style that assists parties involved in finding a resolution that supports their respective needs and desires. He can be either a facilitative or evaluative in a dispute, based on the specific circumstances of the situation.Having represented both sides as an attorney, Charles is able to bring a balanced approach to the negotiation process.

For more information or to speak to Charles about scheduling a consultation to discuss your business or contract dispute, contact him at 760-413-0860.