Arbitration can be used in both business and personal disputes. Using an alternative dispute resolution method such as arbitration to settle a dispute helps you improve the odds that all parties involved will be happy with the process and the outcome.

What are some of the most important benefits of arbitration?


One of the main reasons ADR is beneficial is because it saves so much money. Settling legal disputes in the courtroom requires a long, drawn out discovery process and the filing of motions and building of defenses. This adds up and can result in an expensive outcome. Arbitration is simpler and costs less.

Arbitration Takes Less Time

Part of the reason arbitration costs less is because it reduces the amount of time it takes to settle a dispute. As a matter of fact, it is possible to complete an arbitration meeting in just a few hours. As long as both parties are willing to try something out of the courtroom, there is no reason why the matter cannot be settled efficiently.

Arbitration is Flexible

In many cases, arbitration allows for solutions that would not be possible in court. Skilled neutrals may work with disputing parties to help them see all aspects of the dispute and determine what resolution would be in everyone’s best interest. If the parties agree, Arbitrators can take a creative problem-solving approach and offer a resolution tailor-made to the circumstances.

If you are looking for a more efficient path to resolution and you believe arbitration might be it, Charles Schoemaker can help.

Charles’ experience as an attorney allowed him to represent both plaintiffs and defendants. He handled the defense of major injury and complex litigation cases for insured and self-insured clients. He has also represented individuals, small businesses, and public entities as plaintiffs in tort and commercial litigation.

His litigation experience includes general civil litigation, business and contract disputes, government tort liability, real estate, construction, and personal injury matters of all levels, including serious injury and wrongful death, for both the plaintiff and the defense. Charles is not only familiar with the process of arbitration, he also knows the ins and outs of many different industries, making him an ideal arbitrator in a variety of cases.

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